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All that stuff should be announced soon: Sony has registered three cameras, one lens and one mic


With Covid-19 and the factory fire the Sony time line may have been messed up. But we have five products officially registered in Asia that we should get within the next 1-2 months:

  1. A new camera with the code “WW186333” (no 5Ghx Wifi which suggests this might be an RX camera or entry level camcorder)
  2. A second new camera with the code “WW728473”
  3. A third new camera with the code “WW111327”
  4. New “35mm f/1.4 GM” lens
  5. Sony also registered a new wireless microphone

January-February should be exciting with likely the A9x (name uncertain) being the first new E-mount camera to be announced. Only after that one we will get the A7IV.


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