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(SR1) All the anonymous A7000 and A7sIII rumors I got the past hours :)


There is an exciting time ahead and first let me recap what’s SR5 so far (SR5 means 90% chance the rumor is correct):

  • Sony announcement on Sept 14 will give us a new camcorder. And there is only 10% chance to see the A7sIII
  • Sony announcement around September 18 (could be +/- 1 day). It’s confirmed there will be new E-mount lenses. Most certainly a 24mm f/1.4 GM. And maybe new 135mm f/1.8 GM too
  • Sony press conference on September 25. Unclear what’s going to be announced
  • Zeiss press conference on September 27. Batis 40mm f/2.0 and the new fixed lens FF camera from Zeiss will be announced
  • One more Sony press conference and product announcement in mid-October

The hardest part is to know which of the three rumored camera will be announced at all:
We know from reliable sources Sony developed a new very high End APS-C E-mount model that is going to likely have a new body design too. This will be a mini-A9 super fast camera.
We know the A7sIII is long ready but I guess Sony will wait to see what Panasonic will launch on September 25. The Panasonic (specs here) is going to be a direct Sony A7sII competitor on steroids!
We heard about a new FF E-mount model that would be the first of its line. We are working on that new rumors too…

And now to the completely SR1 part (unreliable rumors from first time and anonymous sources)
Those rumors rarely turn out to be true…but sometimes they are correct :)

Probably all BS (no offense intended) but may be fun for a discussion on SAR:

Source 1:
2 APS-C model.
A6300 Mark II/Refresh(name not sure): 26MP ExmorR BSI CMOS, no IBIS, using the A6x00 body.
A7000: ExmorRS Stacked CMOS with more pixels, IBIS, using the A7III body.
A grip will be released to provide extra functionalities.
A new APS-C lens, expect a premium standard zoom.

Source 2:
first wave of the a6800 specs;
30.8 mpx sensor.
15 fps.
325 contrast points.
425 phase detection points.
A7 iii color science
4k at 24.30.60.
1080p up to 180 fps.
bitrate on both 4k and hd 60/100/200 mbit/sec.
joystick,bigger grip and batterie
price:2000 dollars.

Source 3:
A new travelzoom lens is coming from sony that is noteworthy because of two properties
It is a pure APS-C E mount lens
the zoom range is 12-200mm f2.8-f6.3

Source 4:
new “un-rumored” FF E-mount camera coming

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