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An “emotional” SR5 rumor (A77 is top notch!!!)


Firstly: I want to thanks all sources for all the help you are giving to me. I am trying to post all the info you send me as soon as possible. And most of the rumors I do receive are ….awesome ;)

Secondly: There is one thing I want to tell to all readers. Plenty of people contacted me to say that they tested the A77, the NEX-C3 and other upcoming Sony stuff. They don’t share specs, they share their excitement! There is not a single one that complained about the upcoming new cameras. They are all using an enthusiastic tone! The A77 especially is amazing and the best APS-C camera they have ever tested. The good news is that High-ISO is extremely good even if the sensor has 24 Megapixel. And Sony is already working very hard to implement the new sensor technology inside the future fullframe cameras. Everything with the A77 seems to be fine, usability, autofocus (extremely fast and accurate), High ISO, resolution. And also the NEX-C3 is a step above the current NEX-3/5.

I repeat, those are not Sony advertisers. I know some of the sources since a very long time and they would never express such an excitement if it wouldn’t be true. I for myslef am going to spend more time on SonyAlphaRumors. I think it’s necessary to be more “present” in times like that. I also want to find some time to improve some things on this website ->don’t ask me to improve my english as that will take a very long time :)

So fix those dates in your agende: June 3 and July 7! And invite your friends to follow us! Canonikans should be very worried!!!


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