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Another Sony FX3 leaked image and unconfirmed spec list


Another leaked image on Weibo

The reliable specs so far are:

  • Price is 3795 Euro
  • Takes CFexpress A cards
  • records 4k/120p and not 8k
  • Preorder start on Feb 23

A new source also sent me this but I don’t know if it’s all correct:

  • New fx3 is littlebit same as a7s3
  • Active cooling
  • Xlr adapter in box
  • S-Cinetone
  • No overheating after 13hours 4K all-in 10bit 422
  • 3/4 holes on top 2 for xlr adapter 1 free
  • And 3/4 on both sizes.
  • Price is !!4500€ (SAR note: Don’t know if the 3750 Euro price I got is with or without VAT which would explain the difference in the two rumors)
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