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Answering some Sony’s new dual layer sensor tech questions: Really as good as Full Frame? Will the same tech be used on future Alpha cameras?


The launch of the new dual layer sensor inside the Sony Xperia 1V (preorders at Amazon and BHphoto) was accompanied by some big claims from Sony. Like: “noise and dynamic range that is equivalent to a full-frame camera“. I have looked on the web to see if someone made a real test on this and I found nothing.

The only comparison video I found was made by DCfever. Here they compared the Samsung S23 Ultra performance with the new Xperia and the Sony is clearly ahead:

And this is Jason Vong statement on Twitter:

I am sure the Xperia 1V has the best camera on any smartphone today! And it’s good to know Sony is always ahead of the game. But I really find it nearly impossible from that the Xperia 1V can match the performance of my Sony A7rV. I believe there is some good marketing “wording” with lot’s of “asterisk” on this statement :)

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