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C.Garrard: Sony is aware that we need pancakes for the NEX system.


The latest Sony ENX lens roadmap shows the three upcoming new lenses, the G standard zoom, the die angle zoom and mid telephoto lens. Those are lenses that will appeal consumers more than enthusiast or professionists. But I am still hoping Sony will also announce some fast lens and panckes as soon as possible. Carl Garrard has a small talk with Sony and told them: “I let Sony know there is a big desire for smaller lenses for the NEX system, and in the end of that conversation I came to the conclusion that it’s not like they aren’t aware of this desire/need. I was told that their lens engineers are at full throttle trying to keep up with designing lenses for both the Alpha and NEX systems. “That’s fine” I said, “But the consumer wants smaller lenses now- maybe Sony ought to think about prioritizing that demand” I added.” (Source: Dpreview forum).

Now let’s hope Sony will respond my (and your) call for pancakes!

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