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(SR5) New Samyang 8mm (f/2.8?) fisheye coming soon.

[shoplink 6779 ebay][/shoplink]

The image on top shows you the current bulky [shoplink 6779 ebay]8mm fisheye lens[/shoplink] from Samyang which has been optimized for the use on the [shoplink 3058]VG-10. But we have been just told by our soruces that a new version is going to be announced soon. It will be far more compact than current fisheye lens. The design will be  slightly different than the just announced [shoplink 8975 ebay]Micro Four Thirds 7.5mm[/shoplink] pancake fisheye but the size and FOV will be similar! And that’s good news because as you can see here the lens is extremly tiny! Nice!
[shoplink 8975 ebay][/shoplink]

On eBay you can find the two mentioned fisheyes:
The [shoplink 6779]8mm for the VG-10[/shoplink] The [shoplink 8975]7.5mm for m43[/shoplink]

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