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(SR5) A Fullframe rumors summary.


Paul Genge from Sony UK said at British Journal of Photography that the firm has still to make a decision on whether it will use its Translucent Mirror Technology in the upcoming models. And he said that a new Alpha full-frame camera would replace the A850 and A900 released in 2008.

That is more or less all what Sony had to say about their future Fullframe plans. What do I know more in terms of fullframe rumors?

1) The roadmap for FF lenses and camers has been shifted forward for a couple of months. Like it was for the A77 everything has been delayed. I will give you more info about the new Fulflrame lenses soon.
2) There will be more than one (probably three!) new fullframe cameras in 2012
3) Not a single one of those will have a classic DSLR design (no classic mirror, no prisma)
4) The A99 (one of the three cameras) should be unveiled before the Photokina 2012 show in September (I am not sure yet when Sony will announced about other one-two fullframe cameras)
5) Sony developed a new 36Megapixel fullframe sensor which will probably fit inside the A99.

Of course I received more details, but I need to double and triple check them with other sources. I ask my sources if they cans hare me some bits about the future Sony FF roadmap. As you know you can use the anonymous contact form on the right sidebar or write me at Thanks!

What I can also say is that my trusted sources are sure the new FF cameras will shake the world. And I am sure they mean it very honestly!

See you soon!


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