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Canon and Sony lead the camera market in Japan (first 6 months of 2014).


BCN (found via Dicahub) posted the market share data for the camera sales in Japan during the first half of the current year. There is only the info about the market leader of each category (not info yet about the 2nd or 3rd place and so on). Here are the leaders:

fixed lens: canon (25.8%)
dslr: canon (56.9%)
mirrorless: sony (36.4%)
video camera: sony (39.8%)
photo frame: sony (38.2%)

As you know in Japan the Mirrorless market is just as big as the DSLR market. And it’s likely to growth faster than the DSLR market the coming years. So it may will happen one day: Sony surpassing Canon in the system camera world?

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