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Canon-Nikon guys….would you join Sony if they would make this?

Share commented yesterdays rumor about Sony’s Full Frame roadmap and showed an example of camera Sony should do. You may read it:

Take the base concept of the RX1, add the EVF of the A99, replace the fixed lens by an E-Mount and replace the 24 MP sensor by the AA-filterless 36 MP sensor currently produced for the D800E. Modify the sensor (and propably the cooling as well) so that it can be read out with 60p (for 1080p60). Start with at least one fullframe capable E-Mount lens (e.g. a modified Zeiss lens for Alpha) and the rest will be adapted as until there are enough other E-Mount FF lenses become available.
That will be the moment where I sell all my Nikon stuff.

SonyAlphaRumors is read by plenty of Nikon and Canon camera owners. My question for them (and also for Sony owners for course) is:

Will you buy this new Sony 35mm f/1.8 FE lens?

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Sony is working on the new FF cameras and they may be curious to read your opinion about that kind of “camera tech”.

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