Sony A77 in Stock in USA, Europe and Asia. NEX-7 in Europe.

Trusted sources told me that Sony is in full A77 and NEX-7 production status and is holding back the production of the other cameras (like the NEX-5n).

The A77 body is in Stock in:
USA at Amazon and BHphoto

The A77 + lens kit is in Stock in:
USA at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto
Europe at Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Jessops, Sony DE, Sony FR and Sony NL.
Asia at Amazon Japan, Amazon Cina,

The Sony NEX-7 body is again in Stock in many european stores!
Amazon Germany (Click here)
Sony Germany (Click here)
Sony France (Click here)
Sony Italy (Click here)
Sony Netherland (Click here)
Sony Sweden (Click here)
Sony Switzerland (Click here)

New NEX-7 tests, Kenko specs (and USA shipment!)

NEX-7 vs. GH2 side-by-side video comparison (FullHD 1080p25 version) from Hacky on Vimeo.

Came back from a day of work and just found a dozen email from USA readers. Sonystore (Click here) is now shipping preorders from December and early January. So be prepared to get a package :)

There are also some new NEX-7 tests:
A NEX-7 vs. GH2 side-by-side video comparison by 3Dkraft (Click here). A new review has been posted by Expertreviews (Click here). A test with the huge 18-200mm lens has been posted on SonyAlphaLab (Click here). And here are the new 400mm E-mount Kenko lens specs at Kenko Japan (Click here).Huge lens!

As I told you I epxect soem major SLT news soon and new NEX products by April. The CP+ show in Japan starts in mid February and maybe Sony will show some prototypes too….but don’t hope too much for the A99 :)

More Sony NEX-7 preorder links: [shopcountry 8454].

New A77 review at CNET. In Stock at Amazon and Bhphoto and Europe.

CNET US (Click here) tested the A77 camera: “The Sony Alpha SLT-A77V is an excellent, well-designed camera for deep-pocketed amateurs; it nevertheless has a few limitations that may make it impractical for professionals.“. The camera got the “Excellent” value.

Also Flutterphotography (Click here) tested it: “These cameras have shown the potential that with a better sensor and some improvements in the processor, there could be a very different way of taking pictures in the near future as indicated by the packages like the RED Scarlett camera.

Thoughts on the A77 video quality by (Click here): “As expected the video quality of the A77 is in general comparable to the NEX-5n. But the handling isn’t. The NEX is a bit fiddly with only the one control dial for aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. but when you get used to it, it’s no big problem. The A77 has direct dials for shutter speed and aperture + dedicated buttons for ISO and other stuff, but there is one big deal: You have to go to video mode on the program dial to shoot video with manual controlled apterture and shutter speed.

For the first time after three months the A77+16-50mm kit is in Stock and sold by Amazon itself (Click here). BHphoto (Click here) has it in Stock for a few days now. Also the A65 is back in Stock at Amazon (Click here). In Europe I found it in Stock at Amazon Germany (Click here).


Sony NEX-7 shipping on February 10th in USA? NEX-5n hotseller at Amazon.

Sorry guys, I just noticed that the NEX-7 link I gave you yesterday had an error. Here is the correct link to the NEX-7 body preorder at Bhphoto: Meanwhile a SAR readers contacted me to say that they called Sonystore to preorder the NEX-7 body at Sonystore USA (Click here) . The answer was that it will ship on February 10th. This is probably right seeing that BH is accepting preorders.

And now that the NEX-5n is back in Stock at Amazon (Click here) it is again the most sold mirrorless camera (Click here to see the ranking). P.S.: That GE camera that is on top is certainly a mistake made by Amazon (not a mirrorless camera!).


HOT! NEX-7 in Stock now in ALL Europe!!!! UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherland, Sweden, Switzerland…

For the first time all Sony stores in Europe now have the NEX-7 body in Stock. Click on these direct links to buy your NEX-7!

In Stock at Sonystore Germany (Click here).
In Stock at Amazon UK (Click here). -> Update: now sold out in UK.
In Stock at Sonystore France (Click here).
In Stock at Sonystore Netherland (Click here).
In Stock at Sonystore Italy (Click here).
In Stock at Sonystore Sweden (Click here).
In Stock at Sonystore Switzerland (Click here).
BHphoto (Click here) is accepting preorders (means that it will ship soon!).

The kit version will be available much later so go for the body only instead and buy the lens separately! Here are all links I usually check to see if the Zeiss 24mm for NEX is in Stock. Click on it: [shopcountry 8450]

Sony A77 and NEX-5n back in Stock (NEX on top of all Amazon rankings).

Hurry: A few A77 bodies are in Stock at Bhphoto (Click here). Alos the A77+16-50mm is in Stock at BHphoto (Click here).

If you want to know why NEX has become so important for Sony just look at the worldwide Amazon rankings.
The NEX-3 is on top of the mirrorless camera rankings in USA (Click here).
The NEX-5n is on top of the mirrorless camera rankings in UK (Click here).
The NEX-5n is on top of the mirrorless camera rankings in Germany (Click here).
The NEX-5n is on top of the mirrorless camera rankings in France (Click here).