Sony DT 35mm F/1.8 SAM review at Kurtmunger!

Our friend Kurt Munger published the new Sony DT 35mm F/1.8 SAM review: “The little Sony DT 35mm F/1.8 SAM lens turned in a stellar performance.  The good points are; center sharpness is very high, even at F/1.8!  The mid-sections and corners sharpen up almost to match the centers at F/5.6-8, so it would make a great landscape/architecture lens. Color fringing is well controlled overall, and distortion is about average, but has a simple, easy to correct curve.

This is really a must have lens for all Sony APS-C camera owners (it’s not a fullframe lens!).

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Sony A55 review at Pocketlink. Steve Huff SLRmagic test.

Steve Huff posted the “SLR Magic 35 1.7 Lens review on the Sony NEX-5“:”I have to give applause for someone releasing a small fast lens for these small mirror-less cameras. Even though it is not a super sharp Leica lens, this little 35 1.7 is a great buy for [shoplink 3514]$99 (on eBay[/shoplink]). PERIOD! It may not be a lens you will use all of the time, but when you do use it be prepared for some interesting images.” The SLR magic is a native manual focusing E-mount lens, no need to buy an adapter!

To buy the lens click here: [shoplink 3514]SLR Magic 35 1.7 Lens for Sony NEX cameras on eBay[/shoplink].

Pocket Link posted a new short Sony A55 review: “There’s still some room for improvement, so we wait with baited breath as to just how good the next generation of cameras will be. But for now the [shoplink 3617]Sony A55[/shoplink] rules the roost and it really is the pinnacle of new age digital cameras.

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Need a spy camera? Sony NEX with Samyang 500mm lens!

[shoplink 4648][/shoplink]

You own a Sony NEX camera but you need a spy camera to look into your neighborhoods houses? You have to buy the [shoplink 4648]Samyang 500mm lens[/shoplink] :) I found s0me image samples of that crazy combo at The Samyang is available on eBay for $190-$290 ([shoplink 4648]Click here to see current auctions[/shoplink]). And don’t forget that Sony made a nice 500mm f/8 Reflex which has been discontinued. That lens is also much more expensive ($749.00 at Amazon right now).

Final A33 review by Steve Huff (+ VG-10 review by Quesabesde)

Steve Huff posted the complete Sony A33 review and came to the conclusion that this is the best budget DSLR! Read the complete review:

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The spanish website Quesabesde tested the new NEX-VG10. Their conclusions? They have some mixed feelings about the camera. They miss some features that would make it a more professional tool. But that’s why Sony is working on a new NEX-VG20 ;)

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Amazon, BHphoto, Amazon DE, Amazon FR, Pixmania PL, Pixmania IT.

The need for speed: Kowa 55mm f/1.0 on the Sony NEX

[shoplink 4575][/shoplink]

We are all waiting for Sony to release some new fast primes for our NEX camera. Meanwhile we have to look for third party lenses that can satisfy our need for speed. I found that lens on eBay: Kowa 55mm f/1.0 ([shoplink 4575]Click here to see the Kowa eBay auctions[/shoplink]). That lens has been modified to fit on your NEX camera without any adapter! Of course it’s manual focus only. It’s soft wide open but might you like that creamy effect.

To see some image samples visit the [shoplink 4575]eBay dealers product page[/shoplink]. They have some images to show. If you tested that lens on your NEX let us see some of your images!


DxOmark weird results. Pentax K-5 beats the Sony A55 (and the Canon 5DmarkII)

So now I am really to start to be worried about their DxOmark results. They just published the Pentax K-5 sensor test and the K-5 easily beats the [shoplink 3617]Sony A55[/shoplink]. What’s so crazy about that? The K-5 and the A55 do feature the same Sony 16 megapixel sensor! How the hell did they manage it to have a 1,6 stop advantage over the A55? And is it possible that a full-frame camera like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II isn’t better than the K-5?

I understand that the imaging processor are different but I don’t know if that alone can explain the huge gap!

The Sony A55 has the best APS-C sensor (says DxOmark)

DxOmark tested the 14 Megapixel (A33) and 16 Megapixels (A55) sensor and surprise surprise…the A55 has the best APS-C sensor ever tested on DxO. Look at the following sensor ranking graph:
It beats all Canon APS-C cameras and only the Nikon D90 is as good as the A55.

The real fun with DxoMark tests is that you can easily compare the cameras like here for example: A55 vs D90 vs 7D (click here to see the comparison).

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