New A7rII extensive autofocus test (in chinese!).


The video you see here on top (via is a very extensive autofocus test of the new A7rII. Sadly it’s in Chinese only so only a small part of our readers will understand what they are talking about. Still you can scroll to the following minutes to see the autofocus speed: Minute 1:15, Minute 2:25, Minute 3:10 and Minute 4,47.

Our reader Jack also provided with a short description of the video (Thanks!):

This video is published by a group of Chinese professional photographer.They tested the A7r2 focusing ability using the native FE 70-200 f4 G lense , Alpha 70-200 f2.8 G lens with LA-EA3 and Alpha 70-200 f2.8 with LA-EA4.It’s obvious that the focusing speed is almost the same no matter using LA-EA3 or LA-EA4.
Besides, they also tested what they call the Eye Tracking AF.We can see that the focusing point  keeps trying to catch the tester’s eyes.
According to the testers, they are the only photographers who are permitted by Sony to release these review videos.So my advice is to hire a Chinese editor and translator because they will release another video about a7r2 using Canon ef lens and Nikon f lens tomorrow.

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