(SR4) Sony mirrorless camera!


AmateurPhotographer (again) reports that “Sony is very much interested in the Micro Four Thirds system”. Sony mentioned that they may add their own version of a mirrorless camera and that “if we do it, we will do it much better”. Ouch!

Other Sony rumors (Sony 2010 roadmap):

  • CES, Las Vegas, January 7-10 2010: Sony A950 to be announced (32 MP sensor, no video, high ISO).
  • 600mm lens to be announced between January and April.
  • NAB, Las Vegas, April 10-15: Sony A1000 (DSLR video camera hybrid, similar to RED).
  • A cheap Sony A150 without built-in AF motor is expected.
  • Fotokina, September 8-10: Sony A820 (32 MP sensor, smaller body, SD card, video mode, built-in flash, simplified viewfinder).

Ouch again… For the full details on the Sony 2010 roadmap go to dyxum.

Another Sony related link: “Live view and video are entry-level features”

via: photorumors.com

Next Nikon Full Frame may not use Sony sensors anymore…

According to the Italian blog Marsicalive (Click here / via NR) the next Nikon FF camera could use an Aptina sensor instead of Sony sensor. Aptina has a big partnership with Micron (that has a factory in Italy?). And while visiting the factory Shung Chieh (vice president of Aptina) unveiled that they will soon release a Full Frame CMOS sensor. When asked Shung didn’t deny that the sensor may be used by Nikon for their next FF camera!

The news has multiple important aspects for Sony:
1) The Sony A99 may will not share the 24(?) Megapixel sensor with Nikon
2) if Nikon goes his own way with sensor Sony will be free (or forced) to use their best sensor in their own Alphas instead of selling the exclusivity to Nikon like they did with the Nikon D800 (here at Amazon).

What do you think…is that a good or bad news for us? :)