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Claus Pfeifer from Sony says the A7sII successor will be “a great camera”


At minute 2:50 Claus Pfeifer from Sony said:

Sony a7s iii or whatever the camera will be called is going to be a great camera that will be out sometime in the future

To sum up the little we know so far:

  • A7sII successor might be announced in late August or early September before the IBC show. It’s not excluded that Sony might give us some teaser months before the launch
  • A7sII successor will at elast record 4k60p and 10bit 4:2:2
  • As7III successor is rumored to record 4k120p too

A suggestion for Sony: Why not start a teaser campaign to keep us on the loop? Tonight Canon will do exactly that! They will announce the development of the EOS-R5 8K camera with IBIS. You can already see the images and some info on

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