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Competition news: This is the new Fuji X-T4 and Panasonic says they are not ready for 8K


We got two competition news:

  • Sony A6600 competitor:
    Fujirumors just leaked those X-T4 images and specs. This camera will be priced a little above the Sony A6600
  • Sony A7sII-A7sIII competitor:
    Panasonic said they are not ready to launch an 8K L-mount camera. And I believe also Sony will not offer 8K on the A7sII successor. I guess 8K isn’t something really needed yet on the market and the Canon EOS-R5 might only feature a “crippled” 8K video to create some marketing hype.

I have small hope that Sony will make an A7000 any time soon. In my opinion it would make a lot of sense but Sony marketing seems to think differently…

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