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Competition rumor: Fuji will buy Nikon shares to save them from troubles?


It’s no secret that Nikon is suffering big losses in the camera market. And unlike so many other companies Nikon depends very much from the camera business. Now here come the unexpected rumor posted by Fujirumors:

Japanese government is directly involved in finding a company that can help Nikon. says here that Fujifilm is one of the companies that could possibly “help” Nikon.

Previously there were some wild speculations that Sony could be involved too. But the Hatena report does not specifically mention Sony. Sony already once bought a stake into Olympus to help out their financial mess. I guess that the main goal of a Fuji-Nikon partnership would be the same as the one of the Sony-Olympus collaboration: Cost reduction…cost reductiond and again cost reduction.

UPDATE: The Story got written by Sentaku (June issue magazine) which is a highly reputable source in Japan. Already back in April Sentaku they wrote:

Companies from Taiwan, South Korea and China reportedly are considering acquiring Nikon. Experts say if its financial situation further deteriorates

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