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Competition rumors: Nikon FF mirrorless on August 23 and Canon mirrorless (FF?) on September 4


We have the dates of the big Mirrorless Full Frame war start :)

Nikon will announce their new FF mirrorless on August 23. While Canon has a big mirrorless (FF???) announcement on September 4. And what about Sony?. Sony is likely to announce the A7sIII some time after the big Nikon and Canon. Sony has not registered any new camera c ode in Asia (they usually register such codes 2-3 weeks before the announcement). And I guess Sony is eager to see what’s coming from the competition before they launch the A7sIII.

We have three major upcoming events where Sony could announce new gear:

– 13-18 September IBC Amsterdam.
– 26-29 September Photokina.
– 25-27 October Photoplus.

Of the three Photoplus is the one where usually Sony announces most of their E-mount stuff.


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