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Confirmed: Sony 35mm f/1.4 GM lens will be announced on January 13 at 15:00 London time!


I can now confirm with 99,99999999% confidence that Sony will announce the new 35mm f/1.4 GM lens on January 13 at 15:00 London time! I don’t know yet if Sony will livestream the event. But I will liveblog the event here on SAR.

On a personal note: I posted my first interview made within the COVID-19 intensive care unit. It’s in German dialect but I added English subs (select them). Sorry for some bad cuts but I had to post it on the fly. I shot this all on the Voigtlander 40mm f/1.2 FE lens because it allows me to blur out the background to hide the patients. And it also allows me to be very close to the doctors when they talk to me because it’s hard to hear them with all the face cover:

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