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Cool: Sony Presents 48MP All-pixel PDAF and 3-layer Organic sensor


Image Sensor World reports that Sony will present a new 48MP All-pixel PDAF sensor and a new 3-layer Organic sensor at the IEDM 2019:

New 48Mp PDAF sensor:

We created the world’s first all PDAF CMOS image sensor using 2×2 on-chip lens architecture. That had 1/2 inch 48M pixels with 0.8µm Quad Bayer coding for high resolution and HDR function, and all PDAF pixels achieved a minimum AF illuminance level of 1 lux.

New 3 layer Organic sensor:

A three-layer stacked color image sensor was formed using an organic film. The sensor decreases the false color problem as it dose not require demosaicing. Furthermore, with the 2.0-μm pixel image sensor, improved spectral characteristics owing to green adsorption by the organic film above the red/blue photodiode, were successfully demonstrated.

New InGas Sony sensor:

We developed a back-illuminated InGaAs image sensor with 1280 x 1040 pixels at 5-um pitch by using Cu-Cu hybridization connecting different materials, a III-V InGaAs/InP of photodiode array, and a silicon readout integrated circuit (ROIC). A prototype device showed high sensitivity at visible to SWIR wavelengths and low dark current.

SAR’s take:

The one sensor I am particularly  interested to see in action is the 3 layer organic film. Sigma is working hard on making a new FF 3 layer  sensor camera in 2020. And Panasonic-Fuji are also working on a new organic sensor. On paper Sony seems to making a bit jump ahead by combining both  this tech into one sensor

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