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Could the new High End Camera be the first with Full Frame curved sensor?


The first picture of  Sony’s curved sensor via Spectrum.

A source sent me this:

I am not sure if this applies to the new secret high end camera, but seems possibly even more so likely:
Sony has been churning out the new curved sensors in full frame for the last couple of months.
According to their required market reports they increased their yield from 800 sensors to 1200 per month (raising it to ~80% yield).
The benefits are astounding. Increased sensitivity and higher sharpness towards the edges. The underlying sensor design is independent of this process but necessary a back side illuminated. My hopes and best guess is the A7RII sensor is used as a base, but Sony will surprise us again and do with a completely new sensor design…

Also in the patent
They describe a couple of new lenses specifically designed for the curved sensor, most notably a 35mm f1.8  
These lenses will need a new mounting system.
Also the additional slightly risky step to produce a sensor will increase the cost of it significantly (50-70% increased sensor cost)
Both in combination could only pushed to the consumer in the very high-end market.  Also a curved sensor really would be a revolution on it’s own, because all films until now have been more or less flat.


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