Delayed ot nor delayed, that’s the question! (Need some help from my sources)


Over one month ago our sources told us that the NEX-3 and the A33 would be replaced by new slightly improved models. Sony recently discontinued both models making us believe the replacement would be imminent. But the very latest info we received from our sources do describe a very bad scenario for Sony plants in Japan. We have been told that during the last three weeks not a single sensor has been produced in Sony Japanese plants. As we told you on Friday there are two problems:
1) There are many aftershocks and every earthquake that is bigger than 5 point Richter automatically stops the production
2) Energy supply is very limited

Even Howard Stringer (CEO of Sony) said that the iPhone 5 will be release will be postponed because of sensor supply problems (Source: 9to5mac)! UPDATE: Our sources confirmed that the next iPhone will feature a Sony 8 Megapixel camera sensor.

The big question now is: Will the NEX-C3 and A35 announcement be delayed?

I have been told by one source that there have been a very last minute change. Some products that should have been announced before the NAB show in Las Vegas will be delayed. We don’t know yet if this includes the NEX-3 and A35. This is a very last minute decision and I ask my sources if they can send me more info about that.

And I guess that also other future Sony products could be delayed (I hope this will nto apply to the A77!).


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