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Digitalrev: “The A99 II is better than either mirrorless models from Sony”


A99II image via Digitalrev

Digitalrev published their Sony A99II first impression review:

It is indeed smaller than the first A99 (8% to be exact), and so close in size to the a77 II that Sony can even use the same battery grip for both cameras.
The autofocus is worthy of all the Sony mirrorless cameras, and in Live View, it can focus at -4 EV – similar to the 5D Mark IV and far better than the D810, which only can focus at -2 EV.
In its current reincarnation, the A99 II is better than either mirrorless models from Sony, but that must surely be a sign that the A9-series is imminent. I think it’s pretty clear the A-mount is secondary to Sony’s thoughts, especially since the a99 II has nothing particularly new.

Nevertheless Digitalrev keeps being pessimistic about the A-mount future. It’s understandable but I happen to disagree on that point. Despite the Mirrorless system camera rise the DSLR market is many times bigger and shows no sign of reduction in terms of sales volume. It would not be wise for Sony to step out from it to play a role in the much smaller mirrorless market only.

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You can now preorder the new Sony A99II:
In USA at BHphoto, Adorama and Amazon.
In Europe at Calumet Germany and WexUK.

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