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DxOmark: Red Epic is the first camera to (slightly) outperform the 36MP Sony sensor.


Image courtesy: DxOmark.

From all cameras tested to date by DxOmark the Red Epic is the first to outperform the Sony 36 MP FF sensor. Well you have to pay $17,500.00 for the Epic “brain” only (no accessories included) to slightly beat the Sony A7r performance. Obviously, the Red main feature is the 5k video recording. But I am pretty sure Sony will release a 4K FF soon too :)

I am now wondering how well the new 50 Megapixel Sony medium format sensor will score at DxO. I am pretty sure it will overrun the Red Epic! P.S.: Hasselblad 50MP Sony sensor camera is available for preorder at BHphoto (Click here).

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