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DxOmark says the Canon 5Ds sensor is “far behind” the Sony 36MP sensor quality!


The new Canon 5DS 50 megapixel sensor got tested at DxOmark (Click here). And the big surprise is that it doesn’t even come close to the Sony 36 Megapixel sensor performance! DxO writes:

Thee EOS 5DS is far behind the best sensors we’ve tested. The Nikon D810 and the Sony A7R, for example, both offer around two-thirds of a stop better image quality, with overall scores of 97 and 95 points, respectively, compared to 87 for the 5DS.
For Color Sensitivity, the D810 and the A7R are also two-thirds of a stop better than the 5DS at base ISO.
For Dynamic Range, there’s a much bigger difference among the three sensors at base ISO, where the Nikon D810 and Sony A7R sensors are far ahead. Landscape scores of 14.8Ev for the D810, compared to 12.4Ev for the 5DS, put the Nikon over two stops ahead, and the A7R just under two stops ahead with 14.1Ev.

Now you can only imagine what score the new A7rII sensor will get. I bet it will break the 100 points barrier :)

Editor’s note: As usual some fanboy attacked me for using the term “far behind” in the title of this post. Please note that this what DxOmark said and not me…SonyAlphaRumors! As usual with those tests you have to take them with a bit of grain of salt. A good camera is not defined by the sensor quality only.

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