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EU readers: Annoyed by the Sony price increases? You can “risk” and save up to 800 Euro on imported versions

[shoplink 50874 ebay]A7rII[/shoplink]

Sony increased the price on almost all cameras and lenses sold in Europe. The Sony A7rII for example costs 3.599 Euro :(

There is only one way to pay les and that’s to buy grey imported items from the UK stores Kachashop (Click here) and E-infinity (Click here). They do sell Sony stuff imported with 1 year seller warranty. The reason why you don’t have to pay import tax on those is that they use a well-known “trick”. They import the products from Hong Kong into the UK (There is a UK-Hong Kong agreement where you don’t pay import taxes). And in a second step the UK store sells it to all Europe where they have free access to the Open Market. Of course BREXIT could change this soon…

A couple of examples of how much you save:
800 Euro off on the Sony A7rII at [shoplink 50876 ebay]Kachashop (Click here)[/shoplink] and [shoplink 50874 ebay]E-infinity (Click here)[/shoplink].
320 Euro off on the Sony 85mm GM at [shoplink 50877 ebay]Kachashop (Click here)[/shoplink] and [shoplink 50878 ebay]E-infinity (Click here)[/shoplink].
400 Euro off on the Sony 24-70mm GM at [shoplink 50880 ebay]Kachashop (Click here)[/shoplink] and [shoplink 50879 ebay]E-infinity (Click here)[/shoplink].

The “risk” is that you have to give up the regular 2 year Sony EU warranty for a 1 year seller warranty. OS it’s up to you if saving a lot of money is worth it!

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