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Finally a serious competitor from Panasonic: New S5II announced and it has phase detection AF


Full A7IV vs S5II spec comparison on this BHphoto special page

For a long time L-mount wasn’t able to fully compete against the big three players Sony/Canon/Nikon. Leica only makes expensive niche products, Sigma’s L-mount cameras are quite particular (see the FP) and Panasonic cameras were good but their autofocus performance would have been only good enough if the cameras were released in early 2000 :)

But today Panasonic released their very first L-mount Full Frame camera with phase detection AF. The Panasonic S5II (and S5IIx) directly competes with the Sony A7IV. It also features a curious (and elegant) new vent design that gets rid of any overheating issue. Here are two reviews of the camera:

What do you think about the new Panasonic camera?

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