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First image of the new Primagon 24 f/2.8 E-mount lens


This is the first image of the new $4,399 Primagon 24 f/2.8 FF E-mount lens. Dr. Stefan Immes from Meyer Optik says about this lens:

“For this lens, we are concentrating on creating an extremely high resolution. As a result, we have designed the lens with a slightly smaller initial aperture than is typical for this lens class. With this design, we are able to achieve almost the same sharpness over the entire aperture range. This is something special and opens up many possibilities for design.
The pictures promise to be almost three-dimensional in the way the subject will pop out from the blurred background. We are very excited, as our test photographers interpret the possibilities of our lens in the test shots. This is often the most exciting part in lens development and part of our incentive to create new products.”

The lens will go on Kickstarter sometimes later this year. And unlike the other Meyer Optik E-mount lenses the Primagon is completely redesigned from scratch and not an adaptation of older exisiting lenses.

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