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First Minolta Vectis E-mount adapter review


[shoplink 38055 ebay][/shoplink]

As you may remember there is a new adapter that let’s you use the [shoplink 38055 ebay]Minolta Vectis lenses (here on eBay)[/shoplink] on Sony E-mount cameras.

Now Neil at Dyxum shared the first review of the adapter along many image samples on Flickr. He writes:

Like the Canon EOS lens to Sony E-mount adapter , there are a few minor issues to take into mind .For normal everyday use this adapter is perfect for my needs , doing everything I want it to do ( A/F would have been nice though !) .
Build quality is very good . This hasn’t just been knocked up in someone’s shed , it is very professionally made .
The maker had only had another six made , hopefully he will have more made as these will sell quickly .

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