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First Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 review by Chris. RAW files for download and testing included.


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Our reader Chris made the very first review of the Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 E-mount lens ([shoplink 14656 ebay]Click here to grab one of the three lenses for sale on eBay right now[/shoplink]).

Here is Chris first impression review:

I received my black Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 today and took a bunch of unboxing and night test shots. More test shots coming tomorrow.

Some general design comments:
The lens is built like a tank, all metal body and weighs a whopping 707g (my 50mm Voigtlander + the adapter weighs 535g.) The hood seems to be a generic vented hood, aluminum but has some minor finish issues. I’ll likely buy a higher-quality brand-name hood. Same goes for the cap, generic and functional but a mismatch to the quality of the body. The glass is high quality and the lens fits my NEX-7 body perfectly.
Both focus and aperture are dampened but do not have clicks (good for video!) Aperture seems stiffer. Aperture goes from 0.95-16 in about 90 degrees of ring rotation. Focus goes from infinity to 1’/.3m in about 100 degrees of focus ring rotation. Yay for close focus and stop at infinity.
Vignetting is ok, definitely noticeable wide open but not unusual for such a wide lens (comparable, in my estimation, to the Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 m43 lens).
Definitely need more time to take test shots.

and RAW full-size pics at:

Thanks Chris!

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