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First review of the new Lensbaby SOL 45 for Sony A and E-mount cameras


Some time ago Lensbaby announced a new SOL 45 lens which you can preorder as A-mount or E-mount version at BHphoto and WexUK.

Marc Alhadeff is the first posteing a full review of this lens on And this seems to be a very decent lens:

This Lensbaby Sol 45mm F3.5 (200 euros) is really a surprising lens. 

On other Lensbaby lenses I often found that effects were too much present or that sharpness was really below average

With the Sol 45, it seems Lensbaby has found the perfect balance with nice creamy blurry background, very sharp subject in focus and very nice color rendition. The atmosphere created is very nice and give picture full of emotions

In addition you have

  • Some tilt possibilities. 
  • Bokeh blades that are a nice addition, to get some alternatives background
  • You can also play with flare if you want, with some nice effect with the sun. 

I showed some photos to some friends and they thought is was : a 85 F1.8, a 70-200 F2.8, a 50 F1 ! 

The lens is very well built and easy to use : at 200 euros it open a world of creative possibilities without overdoing it for the bokeh effects

Immediately after returning my test lens , I order one for me ! Highly recommended


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