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(FT3) SonyAlphaRumors 2010 predictions…


And now it is time for the SonyAlphaRumors 2010 predictions! What do we expect from Sony for the next year?

The Sony Mirrorless camera
It will come with no surprise that Sony will release a new mirorrless compact camera system with interchangeable lenses. Our bet is that it will have a new proprietary mount (and you will be able to use the current Alpha-lenses via adapter). The APS-C sensor will fit inside a compact model very similar in size to the Panasonic GF1. Such a camera could be announced in March 2010. Some of us were dreaming of a new Fullframe Digital Zeiss Ikon but I expect Sony to announce such a camera in 2011. On Photokina Sony could unveil the official Panasonic GH1 competitor. A camera which will easily outperform the current GH1 video quality!

Sony Alpha line
New Low-End model will be introduced in Q1. This camera will not have video features. I expect the A700 successor to be the first camera with video (and with a really decent video quality). When will the A7xx be announced? We know Sony has already a working models of such a camera but our very latest information suggests a release in Q1-Q2. Of course the A900 will see a new successor. It will become the first Fullframe camera to break the 30MP barrier! And you shouldn’t expect such a camera to be able to record videos.

Sony-Zeiss lenses
It should become a very interesting year for the lenses. The 500mm Lens could be unveiled in the first half of 2010 and also some primes like the 35mm and 24mm lens. With the introduction of new mirrorless cameras and cameras with video recording you will also see the introduction of completely new designed lenses!

The others
Thom Hogan wrote his prediction for Nikon.

This are just predictions mixed with some rumors we have from our sources. But we would like to see that “roadmap” become true! We definitely expect an amazing new year for Sony Alpha users!

Andrea and the SonyAlphaRumors team

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