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FTP and Smartphone transfer issues with A7IV firmware 2.00


Our reader Sylvain told me a about a FTP and Smartphone transfer issues with A7IV firmware 2.00

I’m a nobody enjoying my A7IV since it came out and I’ve been using ftp to transfer files from my camera to my NAS as part of my workflow. After upgrading to firmware 2.00 I did a FTP transfer to unload my card and most of my video files larger than 4 gb were corrupted. Being an embedded developer myself I further investigated and all pointed out to the A7IV firmware 2.00 corrupting the data that it sends to any FTP servers (even though the files on CFExpress Type B were OK).

After talking with Sony support today over the phone they confirmed they were able to reproduce the problem only with firmware 2.00 and he told me they would send the issue to Japan for a fix with no more inromation. I also saw someone in the Facebook “Sony A7IV Users” group that had the same issue as me (German guy). The agent that I talked to today said someone else yesterday opened a ticket for the same issue with FTP corrupting files.

The agent told me that sending files to smartphones was also impacted but I didn’t see that issue so far (can’t transfer XAVC S 4K/XAVC S HD anyway…). Probably sending a lot of files would eventually trigger the issue, I din’t try.

Oh, and if you want to reproduce the issue simply have a few files like video files larger than 16gb and transfer it to any ftp. My 29Gb easter video that I made over the weekend never made it through with every attempts that I tried. The file on the CFExpress type B is ok and readable

Hopefully Sony can fix this soon…

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