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Fuji has the best argument against Nikon “anti-mirrorless” talk :)


Image courtesy: Fuji-X-Forum.

I guess you remember Nikon seriously “talking down” mirrorless cameras during their D5 presentation (video here on SAF, watch from min 8). Well today Fuji announced the X-PRO2 and did bring the best pro mirrorless argument so far :)
Fuji really shows how marketing should be. Funny and positive. You are checkmated Nikon marketing ;)

And now some interesting bits about the new Fuji X-PRO2 (specs here): Fuji claims the 24 megapixel X-Trans sensor can out-resolve 36 megapixel bayer sensor. Interesting they did mention the resolution that is rumored to be used by the A6100 (reminder: still low ranked SR3 rumor).

Discussion on SonyAlphaForum: Should Sony take a closer look at X-Pro2?

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