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Fuji published this odd X-T4 vs A7rIV autofocus comparison….


During the various press events for the Fujifilm X-T4 launch, Fujifilm has shown this video comparing the autofocus between their flagship camera and the Sony A7rIV. But as noticed by some it looks like the settings on the Sony camera where off.

I do own the A7rIV and did never experience the tracking to be so bad as show in the video.

Readers of Fujirumors themselves noticed that settings of the camera seems to be off. For example they didn’t lock in the AF on the Sony

As a principle the more depth of field you have the easier it is for the camera to focus. So it should have been more proper to set the A7RiV lens aperture to match the X-T4 depth of field (in the video both cameras are at f/2.8)

But please check out the video. maybe you will find more odd things…

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