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Fuji X-E1 has Sony viewfinder. Zeiss for NEX back in Stock in USA.


USA readers are struggling to find the Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 for NEX in Stock. The good news is that today fourteen lenses are in Stock for the normal price via Samys at Amazon (Click here).

The other news is that Fuji announced the X-E1 which features the Sony 2,36k dot OLED viewfinder (Click here to see the X-E1 at Amazon). While Dpreview wrote that this is “likely the same NEX-7 viewfinder” this may not be truth. The NEX-7 viewfinder has a contrast ratio of 3500:1 (Source: Digitalrev) while the Fuji X-E1 viewfinder has a higher contrast ratio of 5000:1 (Source: Cnet). This would mean that the X-E1 uses the same viewfinder of the upcoming NEX-6 and A99 cameras!
Anyway, to learn mroe about the Fuji viewfinder check FujiRumors where you can get a full roundup. We will have to wait six days only to have our own showdown!

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