New Hasselblad H5D 200c with Sony sensor takes 200 megapixel pictures and $50,000 from your bank account :)


No guys, Megapixel madness will never be over. Hasselblad just announced a new H5D 200c camera which is an improved version of the H5D 200ms which sells for $44,000 at BHphoto (Click here…if you are rich). The camera uses the Sony 50MP medium format sensor and has a unique feature which allows to take 200 megapixel pictures! This is how it works according to Hasselblad:

The H5D-200c MS camera uses a 50Mpix CMOS sensor mounted onto the Hasselblad patented symmetrical multi-shot frame, which accurately positions the sensor with a sub-micron accuracy using piezo-electrical actuators. It can capture 6 shots with the sensor positioned accurately at a sequence of quadrants of the pixel and takes color information from the Bayer-patterned pixels to create a 200Mpix capture. This results in a leap in resolution that has to be seen to fully appreciate the tremendous difference it makes. Be prepared to be impressed beyond your expectations.
The sensor moves 1 and 1/2 pixel at the time, to create a 50 or 200 megapixel capture. Here is an image that shows the difference between the different shooting modes (Click on image to enlarge):
The full technical info can be read at Hasselblad site.
Hey Sony, just for fun, why don’t make a 20-shooting mode to give us 1 million megapixel images? :)