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What is the new NEX-7R “color sensor”?


New York fashion Photographer Clayton Nelson removed all the content where he was talking and showing image samples of the new NEX-7R. But there is one sentence that makes me think quite a bit. Many months ago I heard about completely new kind of Sony sensors. I still think these kind of new tech is due for late 2014 early 2015 only. But this is the sentence that I cannot understand:

“I emailed Sony some of the images I took earlier in the week, explaining how delighted I was with the camera, especially the color sensor.”

He didn’t say he liked the color rendition, he sai he liked the “color sensor” which makes me think he specifically wanted to highlight a new kind of sensor tech. Hope sources can enlighten me about that! (I personally still think he meant color rendition).

To all readers: Keep your eyes open! You should be able to find more and more breadcrumbs of rumors from now on. About NEX-7r, NEX-9, ILCE-7, RX10 and maybe more. it’s going to be a hell of a busy rumor time :)

For German Readers: Gold Box deal on the RX100 at 18:00 (Click here).

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