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Imaging Resource says A7 light leak is a “non-issue” (Canon 5dmarkII leaks much more!).


Sony A7r Light Leak video by Ferrell McCollough

Our friends at Dicahub found that official Sony Korea note where they say that the LIght Leak issue isn’t a “general problem”. But they will investigate further and then notify their more detail action in March. But now we have to report a quite interesting and surprising report:

Imaging Resource tested the light leak and said it’s actually present in Nikon and Canon cameras too and the [shoplink 25011 ebay]Canon 5dmarkIII[/shoplink] actually shows an even greater leak! They write:

Drawing it together, is a light leak of the sort seen in the A7 in any way unusual? Absolutely not. The best Canon and Nikon models exhibit similar behavior. While a perfect camera might block every last photon, the tolerances required of lens and flange make this exceedingly difficult.  To our minds, based on what we’ve seen with our A7 and the best competing models, this is really a non-issue.

Well, I guess this will quiet down some of the noise around the A7-A7r light leak issue :)

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