Important message for ALL my anonymous sources and SAR readers! (had a problem with my contact form)


I do currently live in Italy and we are the best in the world in saying badwords for hours. That’s what happened today to me :)

I just noticed that our contact form didn’t work since March 21. I didn’t receive any single rumor from those anonymous sources that usually do contact me via contact form only. And I didn’t receive any info from readers that sent me news or reviews. REALLY SORRY! I feel so bad now. I owe you all a beer :(

If you sent me something important please send it to me again. The form now works (I tested it many times).

The issue happened after a routine work made by my designer. He changed a setting and didn’t think that it would affect the form. And I didn’t recognize the problem earlier while I was fixing other big issues on the website (like the IE9 bug).

I hope my sources can forgive me for that :) I am waiting for your news about the A35 NEX-3C and other cameras…. :)


UPDATE: I just received the first messages through the contact form. Thanks!