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Impressive BCN stats: in Japan Sony has clearly won the Full frame battle against Canon and Nikon and is now the number one in the market!


BCNranking reported the full year Japan sales stats. And the big news upfront:

Sony is now officially the number 1 in the Full Frame market (DSLR+mirrorless!).

The graph on top shows that Sony managed to increase unit and value sales in all areas:

– Overall: 19% unit and +32% in value sales
– APSC: 19% unit and +44% in value sales
– Full Frame: 18% unit and +17% in value sales

Canon and Nikon reported losses in all segments with the one single exception of the Canon FF unit sales that went up 6% (but value sales were down 7%)

As a result this year Sony managed to surpass Canon in the FF market:

In short: While it’s true the market as a whole is shrinking…in Japan Sony has still managed to sell MORE cameras and make MORE money!

Check mate?

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