Interesting interview with Yosuke Aoki from Sony. Talks about RX1 and FF mirrorless.


Our friends over at (Click here) interviewed Mr.Yosuke Aoki from Sony. Here are just some of the most interesting statements:

– Mr. Aoki says that all Sony RX1 photos we have seen so far don’t yet show off the compact full-frame’s camera full potential.
– He also admitted that “We’re studying the possibility” of doing a Full Frame mirrorless system.
– “Canon and Nikon are traditional camera brands. Sony stands for uniqueness and electronics. Those we’d like to optimize. We plan to use electronics and technology to change camera development.”

An unnamed Sony executive told THEME about SonyAlphaRumors. They don’t want to push to close these website. At that point I only want to say that I know well that many Sony managers do appreciate most of my work (not all of course). And I appreciate the great innovations coming thanks to the hard work of engineer’s and managers. I hope I can be one of the (small) vehicles capable of bringing some excitement and visibility on future Sony products. So dear Sony, send me some anonymous rumors about the next A1 and FF mirrorless please! …just joking ;)


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