Interesting: Panasonic launches a sort of “mini Sony A9” for $1,700


Today Panasonic announced its first “sports camera” named G9. I read the reviews and many are referring to this camera as a sort of Sony A9 competitor on a budget. They base these claims on a few similarities:

  • G9 has electronic shutter mode to shoot 20fps in continuous autofocus.
  • No EVF blackout just like the A9.
  • Very fast Autofocus (Panasonic also claims to have the fastest autofocus of all mirrorless system camera).

Of course it’s easier for Panasonic to achieve the same A9 speed having to deal with a smaller sensor.  The big trade-off might be Image Quality and mid and high iSO performance.

For me this isn’t a Sony A9 competitor. But the G9 might pushes Sony to release a new A6700 camera with the A9 features and priced below $2,000. I am sure many SAR readers would love to get this one right?