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Internet is already bitching about the EOS-R5 overheating…Max Yuryev explains why


We all know Sony became famous for the overheating issue. Canon was transparent enough to share the overheating info right from the start. This created a lot of buzz and discussion on the web. Thankfully Max Yuryev made a very informative video on this o make a clear point:

I guess that you really cannot use the EOS-R5 video features once you are outside under direct sunshine. And that yes may be a huge limitation for those who want to have a reliable video tool.

Now, I wonder how Sony will handle this on the soon to be announced A7sII successor. I already told you the camera will have a new kind of passive cooling system. My feeling is that Sony will not have the heavy EOS-R5 limitation. After all Sony had 5 years time to develop the camera from scratch to be a videographers beast tool. Something the EOS-R5 wasn’t really meant to be…the EOS-R5 main goal is mainly for Canon to say…hey look at me I am back :)

Thanks Max!

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