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(SR2) Is Sony playing with the idea to change their Fullframe plans? (Thom Hogan and mirrorlessrumors)


Before you read the news. Those are rumors only! We are not talking about official news!

According to rumors floating around the web (for example on Thom Hogan and Sony is currently planning to slow down or even stop the development of FF cameras and lenses. We are talking about a long-term decision. This will not affect their short-medium release cycle. We from SonyAlphaRumors also received similar (and confused) rumors but we need to check those with more reliable sources. We should see it positive: I hope Sony folks will express their disappointment with that “possible” and maybe “unlikely” scenario. Let Sony know that you want them to expand their FF camera and lens range! And, I guess this is a good chance for Sony to proove that they are still commited to FF!

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To make everyone here feel better, we from SonyAlphaRumors already received very reliable info about the next Fullframe from Sony. So don’t worry!

P.S.: Sony, make me a FF camera with ExmorHD and some new nice Zeiss primes and I will be happy!

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