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Japanese sales in 2014: Sony leads the mirrorless ranking. Looses on the DSLR market.


 Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-19 um 16.41.22
Mirrorless system camera market share in 2014 (Japan only)

BCNranking published the full 2014 camera sales date in Japan. The good news is that Sony dethroned Olympus and is now number one in the mirrorless system camera market in Japan. And in Japan mirrorless is very strong and on par with DSLR in terms of cameras sales. The (unsurprisingly) bad news is that Sony really holds no more any meaningful share of the DSLR market:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-19 um 16.41.42
DSLR market share in 2014 (Japan only)

Sony really needs to reinvent the wheel with their A-mount system if they want to make it successful. They would certainly have the necessary tech for that but we have to see if the management really wants that.

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