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Just announced: New Techart TCS-04 Canon EF to Sony E-mount autofocus adapter with quick function button


Today Techart announced the new TCS-04 Canon EF to Sony E-mount autofocus adapter. You can preorder it on Amazon US, Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon IT and Amazon ES.The main new feature is the addition of a quick function button.

The press release is only available in Chinese for now and this is the google translated text:

TCS-04 is a fourth-generation product with an electronic contact mount adapter for using Canon EF-mount lenses with Sony E-mount cameras. The TCS-04 is optimized for high-performance phase-difference AF sensors, and offers high-speed response even with EF-mount lenses. In addition, the function button has a “quick back function” that can store the focus position. When you want to catch it again, you can call the focus position with one push, you can focus quickly, and it is useful for shooting dynamic scenes such as animals, sports and events.

[Supported mount]
Correspondence lens mount: Canon EF (※)
Supported camera mounts (models): Sony E (Sony α 9 | Sony α 7 R III | Sony α 7 III | Sony α 7 R II | Sony α 7 II | Sony α 6 500 | Sony α 6400


  • Electronic control of Canon EF mount lens, AF photography are possible (we can attach to lens of EF-S standard)
  • Equipped with “Quick back function” by function button
  • Supports camera shake correction mechanism (Canon “IS”, Sigma “OS”, Tamron “VC”) in the lens
  • Compatible with internal camera shake correction mechanism
  • Information such as focal length and exposure of captured image is recorded as Exif data
  • Compatible with Continuous AF (AF-C)
  • It supports “face detection” “pupil AF”
  • Firmware can be updated via USB connection with a PC terminal
  • Control internal reflection by flocking inside the adapter
  • With removable tripod seat, the bottom of the tripod seat is compatible with AlcA Swiss.

[Function button]

  • Quick back function: memorize focus position with function button
    This function is useful when you want to remember the focus position of the subject when shooting dynamic scenes such as animals, sports, and events.
  • When the subject is far away: Double-click the function button to near infinity. The focus can be moved to near infinity instantly with the function button, which is useful for lenses with a large amount of focus movement and lens extension, such as telephoto lenses and macro lenses.

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