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Just announced: New Techart LM-EA9 autofocus adapter….You can win one!


The new adapter has been announced and is available at Moreover I have an exclusive cool giveaway for SAR readers: Like and Comment on my Instagram page (doedn’t matter what you write) and on August 15th I will draw a winner that will get the LM-EA9 adapter for free!

Press Release

Techart Launches the 2nd Generation of Leica M to Sony E Autofocus Adapter for Manual Lenses (LM-EA9)

After 7 years of research & development, Techart has come together with a new Leica M to Sony E autofocus adapter (LM-EA9). It features a more powerful motor, sleeker design and better autofocus performance. The world’s first bulge-less design creates no obstructions with tripods and other accessories. The LM-EA9 is compatible with all Sony’s latest camera models like ZVE10, A7s(III), A1 and A7(IV). Four radically positioned, small and light servo motors offers a much stronger support and faster autofocus operation. LM-EA9 is offering a completely new experience with all legendary manual lenses.
What is Techart LM-EA9?
Techart LM-EA9 is the 2nd generation of the Leica M – Sony E Autofocus Adapter launched 6 years ago. It is a motor-driven adapter which turns Manual Focus lenses into Autofocus. The adapter replaces the focusing mechanism of the lens and through communicating with the Sony cameras, the extendable bayonet will move back and forth to achieve focus. Although it has a Leica M mount taking bayonet, lenses with other mounts can also be converted into Autofocus. Simply stack additional adapter to conver the mount into Leica M, and pair them up with the Techart adapter to achieve the autofocus experience.

New Motors Design and Position

Instead of a big bulk motor being placed at the bottom of the adapter like other similar products, Techart Leica M – Sony E Autofocus Adapter Gen II (LM-EA9) has advanced the mechanical design to be 4 light and small servo motors radially positioned around the adapter. The 4-axis design provides a much stronger support without wobbling and better motion efficiency. The new Uni-case machining technology also helped significantly reduced the number of parts used and allowed for further compression of the adapter’s size.
Sleek Design
The world’s first bulge-less design (among all motor-driven adapters) creates no obstructions to tripod accessories or bigger lenses.

Not just M-mount, but manual lenses with ANY mount.

Thanks to the short flange distance of the Leica M-mount, Users can stack additional adapters to enjoy literally ANY lens with autofocus with LM-EA9. The manual lenses could be but not limited to the following mounts: Canon FD, Leica R, L39, Nikon F, Canon EF, Pentax K, C/Y, Minolta MD, M42, Olympus OM, Exakta, Konica AR, Contarex CR, QBM, ARRI, ALPA, DKL.

Support Latest Sony Camera Models

The LM-EA9 is now compatible with all and the latest Sony E-mount cameras, including but not limited to α6000, α6100, α6300, α6500, α6400, α6600, α7c, α1, α7, α9, α9 II, α7 II, α7 III, α7 IV, α7R, α7R II, α7R III, α7R IV, α7S, α7S II, α7S III.

Effortless Firmware Update
The Firmware update process has never been easier and more reliable. Users simply need to connect the adapter via its USB dock on the adapter’s back cap, run the updated software in their computers, click the software and the button “update”. Both Mac and Window OS are supported.

Comparison between LM-EA7 and LM-EA9

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