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Kipon announces the world’s first EF-S to E-mount adpater with variable ND filter



Kipon Japan announced the worlds first EF-S to E-mount electronic adapter with built-in variable ND filter. And it’s now in Stock at Amazon US (Click here) and Adorama (Click here).


AF Adapter With Integrated ND Filters This unique KIPON autofocus lens adapter mounts Canon EF series lenses on Sony E-Mount Mirrorless Camera bodies with the distinct ability to control f-stop and depth of field without changing aperture settings by means of a continuous variable setting neutral density glass element insert selectable by an engraved wheel.

Covering a 4 step range , the ND glass is essential for shallow DOF and beautiful bokeh and creating fantastic long exposure images. Your favorite Canon lenses easily lock securely and perform just like they were Sony lenses, maintaining infinity focus when using the ND inset element. With Canon EF lenses you have plenty of resolution to satisfy DSLR high resolution sensor’s pixel size even at widest open aperture. A blank filter holder slide insert is included for custom application without infinity focus. With the ND filters for this adapter, you can accurately focus in advance, even at infinity. Without the insert, you cannot infinity focus.

Interchangeable Filters The adapter relays all exposure data from the lens, such as EXIF to AF, within internal electronic connections, so that the Sony E-Mount ILC can provide any auto shooting mode, as well as stop-down metering, for accurate exposure control. The module’s firmware is USB upgradable so that the adapter will always be technically ready for action.

SONY E mount mirrorless This Kipon Adapter is constructed from aluminum alloy for durability, minimizing weight, while mounting rings are made with brass to withstand heavy use.

Tripod foot with 1/4″-20 socket The Kipon AF Electronic Adapter is constructed from aluminum alloy for durability while minimizing weight. a detachable tripod foot is included that features 3/8″ threads as well as compatibility with any tripod heads.

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