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KIPON start to deliver new Medium Format adapters. New Metabones Firmware update released.


Press text:

KIPON start to deliver two smart adapters as below for using electronical Mamiya645 mount lenses on SONY E mount cameras,

KIPON MAMIYA645-SONY E (for Mamiya brand Mamiya645 mount lenses)
KIPON MAMIYA645-SONY ES(for Phase one or Schneider brand Mamiya645 mount lenses)

these two adapters can control the lens iris electronically through SONY E mount camera body.

New Metabones Firmware Press text:

Name: Firmware update V0.63 for EF-E Smart AdapterTM MARK IV/V and EF-E Speed Booster® ULTRA
Release date: 02 Oct 2019
Benefits and improvements:
o Improved exposure accuracy during continuous shooting.
o Improved AF stability with Tamron 35-150/2.8-4 VC OSD A043
o If a hardware fault is detected with the aperture diaphragm there will be a very bright red blink with the LED of Mark V, Speed Booster II, CINE Smart Adapter and CINE Speed Booster. If that happens, check the aperture diaphragm if it is stopping down as commanded using the ‘Aperture (DoF) Preview’ function. Bring the lens to the lens vendor for a check-up. If the LED is lit with normal brightness in red it is just an indication of operation in Advanced mode. The aperture diaphragm hardware fault indicator is very bright.
o For diagnostics, the firmware version of the lens is now appended to the EXIF lens name.

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